we return and discuss the new blue jays movie.

September 24, 2021

Agua Under The Bridge?

The Jays slip after a brutal opening game at Target Field vs the Twins. Hot pepper poop. Gurriel's injury. Cardgate. Daddy Issues and the road to the playoffs. 

September 16, 2021

Lost in Translation

We break down the dismantling of the Tampa Bay Rays and then get into Jakob's Blue Jays player most like him, David brings back a heater GAME DIARY, George Springers injury timeline and when he will play defence again, Cavan Biggio's grand slam in the minors, the lack of Spanish representation in Toronto media and players conducting interviews in Spanish.

September 13, 2021

Ryu vs Matz

Jakob returns from his final time away this summer and the boys are ready to go. Catching up on everything from the Jay's recent push into playoff contention. The Home Run Jacket. MVP Vlad. MVP Semien. Robbie Ray Cy Young. Matz vs Ryu for who you'd go to first in a playoff series. Follow us @underdogscanada 

what happened and is it really over? weighing on ray vs semien plus trading for Alcantara. outfield construction clusterfuck. robbie ray's revenge tour.  buck martinez and being a non casual fan. a hot take on tony la russa. an insane idea of how to realign divisions.

August 13, 2021


Clash of the MVPS! A Jakob Game Diary from last night's loss to Shohei and the Angels. Bonus audio of Brittany's audition/Jakob's jingles. Jose Berrios struggles. What's wrong with Vlad? An apology from David. And major rumours about Buck Martinez and his thoughts about Vaccines. Follow and Review!

August 9, 2021

Yankees Suck

Back from vacation again we recount the epic that was the first game back for the Blue Jays in Toronto. The altercations of Jakob with Yankees Fans, the run they went on, George Springer's majestic performances, the elite starting pitching rotation, Vlad's mini-slump, Odd-job, Rowdy Tellez, the National League and why they are weak and so much more. Follow so you never miss an episode. Yankees Suck.

The all caps title says it all. Underdogs listeners have stepped up and decided to take us to the game tonight after we couldn't get tickets ourselves and we catch up on the past week of trades and just as we end we get word of the Berrios trade so we fire the mics back up right away! LFG.

July 17, 2021


Updated to try and fix audio sync issue. An episode to make up for the layoff. It's exquisite. Everything you want us to talk about from the past 2 weeks, we do. The return of the Jays to Toronto, of course. Marcus Semien and his 95% chance of re-signing news, yes. The upcoming run to the playoffs, duh. Craig Kimbrel, Dave Jauss, Polar Bear, Yawning, the weed stores and on and on and on. Start it up and have a laugh with us. 

We talk a bit about the new additions to the team from the Miami Marlins, how to judge who the AL MVP should be. Matz return. Semien's continued awesomeness. George Springer hitting 5th. Adding more through trade and what that could mean for rotation. Ramifications of sticky stuff checks. Game 1 playoff starter. More Josh Donaldson talk. 

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